Taxing times

Its been a year since restrictions began.

We started early, pulling Dylan and his siblings out of school and college, aware that the impact that COVID could have on us could be devastating.

We’ve hidden away for months and now as the lockdown slowly lifts we are all a year older. Dylans rapidly approaching 18, the end of college, the end of children’s services and embarking on adult support systems.

So what better way to celebrate the impending leap to adulthood, than to develop independence on his travel to college. For the next three months before he leaves college Dylan will be arriving by taxi transfer with 4 of his local peers.

No idea who they are he’ll be travelling with, who the driver is, or if any of this will be okay but hey, if there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us is that we can control it all and regardless, time will keep pushing on.

So this was yesterday morning, waiting for his collection. He wanted to go, the cab arrived and he went. He was fine.

He arrived back home that afternoon, jumped out the taxi and skipped into the house. Transition made. Hes fine.

I however, may need a bit more time to adjust and relax about it.

But it will come, with time.

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