Strange times are upon us.

Dylan has been sheltered away from the corona virus which is dominating the news all over the world for the last 10 weeks. We have explained that people can get sick which is why we are staying in and for the most part this has been unquestioned. With time indoors, no routine, no college; Dylan has amused himself with lay ins, watching telly and generally dossing about. Hes in his element.

Today Dylan needed to go out. He missed some vaccinations when out of school a couple of years ago and earlier this week I rang to get them booked in. The change of workflow at the doctors surgery meant a swift appointment was made with just enough time for me to have Dylan prepped for his injection.

If Dylan were to get corona virus it would be very difficult to manage, he is unable to socially distance and the symptoms of such a virus would be so frightening for him that it would be difficult for him to understand and potentially impossible for us to help him manage. Hospital treatment is difficult for Dylan to access anyway but even more so in these difficult times. Avoiding the virus entirely is the best option.

So to support this we taught Dylan to wear a mask. Face masks are sweaty and uncomfortable at the best of times but I believe will soon becoming a necessity when in public areas. In preparation for this Dylan has learnt to put on and take off his mask safely, whilst not touching his face. He is able to tolerate wearing it for long enough to go out for a short amount of time and he can tell us when he wants to take it off rather than just ripping it off, which would leave him uncovered and vulnerable.

Today was the first day we’ve needed to test the mask tolerance level.

So I thought it was only 1 injection, my bad, it was actually two. But Dylan actually did really well. When the nurse explained to him what was going to happen and asked him if that was okay he gave an honest ‘Non!’ But there was no protest and he took the jabs well. She even gave him a sticker at the end which he insisted on sticking to himself.

And the mask stayed on throughout, right until we got in the car and I modelled that it was now safe for him to take off.

All in all; a successful trip out.

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