Sniffles and struggles

Dylan has a cold. A normal, blocked nose, bit of a cough type of cold. It’s usual for the time of year to have a sniffle or two. Easily solved; some paracetamol, hot honey and lemon and ride it out. It’ll pass.

Dylan doesn’t get it. He simply can’t understand why he can’t breathe through his nose and is protesting by not breathing until he runs out of puff and finally makes a huge gasp through his mouth that keeps him going.

Then we resume the mouth closed and the forced nasal breathing continues, badly. Until we have a massive mouth gasp again.

Dylans scared, I can tell by his whimpering and persistence. Trying to reassure him I tell him it will be okay, “breath with your mouth open. Try and get some rest.”

‘No’ he tells me. After all he always breathes through his nose and for him now should be no different. He strains as he continues to try and force the breath in and out of his swollen nostrils.

Its going to be a long night.

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