Mothers Day

We went to the supermarket yesterday. Usual weekly shop but the little ones wanted to get some last minute bits for Mothers day. Both Josh and Grace excitedly asked to go off together to pick up some bits. We let them disappear off together into the busy shop whilst Dad, Dylan and I carried on with the usual food shop.

Seconds later Dylan became a bit agitated and pulled gently on my arm.

“Ah, ah” he whispers close to my face.

Dylan will often whisper when he tries to talk to us. Over the last few months he’s really rebelled against using his iPad and the difficulty we have in understand him verbally has changed his communication with us to little more than a whisper. It’s as if he’s aware that we find his pronunciation difficult to understand and this had made him too self conscious to speak up.

I don’t know what ‘ah’ is but try and work with what I know,

“‘Ah’? do you mean, ‘bar’?”

“Non. Ah”

“Okay, not bar. What about ‘car’? Do you want to go back to the car?”

“Non. Ah”.

We get Dad involved, “Tell Dad?”

We get Dads attention. Dylan says again, “Ah!”

Dad, like me, doesn’t know what Dylans trying to say and we both look blankly at Dylan.

Dylan shakes his head. “Non” he says quietly to himself, frustrated at not being understood. Not angry but disheartened and on the verge of giving up.

His ‘Non’ for no is almost a verbal shrug; a ‘Don’t worry about it’ gesture.

‘Can you write it?’ I ask as I get out the text app on my phone as a last desperate attempt to encourage Dylans efforts. It’s not ideal but the familiar qwerty keyboard pops up on the screen.

“Maybe try and write it Dylan?”

Gingerly Dylan picks up my hand and uses my finger to tap out the letters. Some are in error and he hits the delete button until he finds the letters he wants. C…A….R…D. Card.


“Yah, bee” (yes, please)

“Do you want to buy a card?”

“Yah, bee”

“A mothers day card, for mum, like Josh and Grace?”

“Yah bee”

And here it is, the first time ever I have known Dylan to independently want to buy me a card.

Picked out by himself and then written in all by himself. So proud!

As we leave to pay, I ask Dylan,

“Are you happy now? Is that what you wanted?”

“Yah, bee”

I love being this boys’ Mum.


6 months

It’s been six months since I’ve written. Life has been busy, and not so kind, but we’re through the other side now.

Dylan is doing fabulously. Excelling at college two days a week, not so much iPad talking but he is 15; its not easy to talk at this age regardless of anything else going on.

Edit: I started this post 6 weeks ago and I have only just got around to updating and posting it. Health issues have ensured I have been either too fatigued or time poor to be able to regularly record the leaps and bounds of Dylans day to day life.

However, with April tomorrow signalling the start of Autism awareness month, it seems only fitting that I pull my finger out and get back to writing and recording Dylans progress.