Some days, seem to last forever

UPDATE : So we got home to a message on the answer machine, apparently the social worker did not feel comfortable with how our conversation was left and although I have her contact number she wants me to ring her back to discuss. Fearing that I may have ballsed things up with my emotional outburst earlier (because thats how they work – make you feel neurotic) so I rang her back.

Turns out she doesn’t want me to feel negative about our conversation, she isn’t comfortable with that. She insists on arranging a meeting even though she can’t specify why or which assessment or report we need to meet for. I give in, not wanting to appear obstructive and we arrange a date for mid March, I agree to the first date she gives me as available.

‘What time?’ I ask,

‘Well,’ she says ‘Lets make it late afternoon, so I can meet Dylan after he gets home from school, that would be nice.’

‘Erm, time doesn’t matter, Dylans home schooled’

‘Oh? Is he? You have him home with you all day, everyday?’ she questions
‘Maybe we should try and review how much support you’re getting then….’

Dear God give me strength.


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