Summer reflections

Back to normal after the six week holiday, has a mixed bag of feelings, some crave normality and the routine, some hope for the cooler Autumn days, others wish for a rewind and to start all over again reliving the Summer as if on repeat.

Reflecting on this Summer has left me feeling glad for small miracles. Years ago once over the heartbreak of diagnosis and shattered expectations, fearful for the unknown future, everything changed. I noticed and became unbelievably grateful for every millimetre of progress, of interaction. Every breakthrough was noted and to be celebrated. Eating a strawberry. Taking himself to the toilet. New words. New behaviours. Everything is so damn exciting.

I write with the hope that Dylan can read this blog one day. As a record of his progress, albeit in baby steps, to record his growth through to adulthood and beyond. I certainly know that Josh and Grace will read this in the future. its important that whilst acknowledging the difficulties that I always look on the positives within a true reflection of progress.

I don’t want to criticise others. We all have our own parenting journeys and two parnts on the same journey will have differing perceptions of their route, their accomplishments and their low points. Some autism parents really struggle. I get that but hell if you’re finding it hard how hard is your kiddo finding it?? They’ll need you!

We live in a technological era. Nothing is safe or hidden. Nothing can be buried and some children will grow and find all these comments written about them by their parents…

So with this in mind, let’s keep it kind.

To describe your child’s autism as ‘ruining’ to me is a contradiction.

Your child is autism.

Autism is your child.

Intertwining and together developing. For me there just isn’t one without the other.

School is hard for children. Especially on the spectrum. Don’t wish them away. If you publicly wish them elsewhere or to be differnet, somehow ‘better’ or more ‘normal’  I fear that they will pick up on these tired unwanted vibes from you in person. Summer is only a 6 week break; Enjoy your children. They grow so fast. Make them feel wanted. And enjoyed. If they don’t share your interests then go out of your way to try and share theirs.

Go on, I’ll be worth it 🙂

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