Setting AAC Goals: Please And Thank You

A great piece on the intricacies and functions of AAC….


Can we please stop expecting kids who use AAC to end every request with “please”? I’m talking about those emergent communicators who are just learning that their voiceempowers them. I’m referring to those beginner communicators whom we are desperately trying to move beyond requesting”goldfish please.” The goldfish may be hugely motivating, but saying “please” — no way! Although politeness is admirable, if you push for “please” at this point, you may end up with overgeneralization due to a lack of understanding of that concept as new core words are introduced. That’s when you hear things like “I see goldfish please” on a fieldtrip to the aquarium.

We often get hung up on increasing mean length of utterance (MLU) before it’s developmentally appropriate. Let’s think about Brown’s Language Stages. If a child is using just 75 words (such as go, help, more, stop) and speaking in single words, he’s at Stage…

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