The real slim shady

A warm autumn day, the last warm day for a while so I coax Dylan out of his heavy hooded coat to give it a wash and hang it on the line. 

Heading out for the afternoon school run and Dylan’s managed well for this long without his beloved coat. To add insult to injury he left the house in a rush and forgot his ear defenders. Now Dylan *has* to listen to the radio on volume 20 even though it’s too loud for his sensitive ears without ear defenders. He struggles through it until we turn southeast and right into the glare of the afternoon sun. It’s all too much and Dylan’s cackling and swinging himself around in the front seat trying the juggle the sensory cocktail thrust upon him. 

We’re heading for panic. I can’t get his coat. We’re going to be late if we go back for the ear defenders. There’s no other route to school which would avoid the bright sun. It’s going to be a bumpy ride…. until this…

He dug out my oversized shades and stuck them on his face, instantly relieved. And then just like that he kicked back and listened to the tunes on the radio for the rest of the trip. We gently pulled up at the school gates. Fearing he may feel a bit self concious 

“Dylan do you want to take those off now?” 


And he didn’t. And then he rocked them, all the way home 🙂

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