Busy times 

September has been a hectic month. Dylan’s been up to loads! This week he’s received his reading challenge award at our local library.  Dylan read six books of his choosing and told the librarian about them to get himself signed off as passing the challenge.  The librarian seemed a bit then aback at Dylan answering with his iPad and Dylan also needed assistance with his answers as there wasn’t much clueing in to what the questions would be, but it was a team effort and Dylan was really proud to get his award.

A new school year; Dylan’s sixth at home and the battles to get him back into the education system continues. There’s huge confusion in local authority, sen provision and social care about what age students can attend college, what provision would be suitable, who can provide it and (this is the deal breaker) who’s going to pay for it.  It looked like in early September that it would be unlikely that college would be an option but then I saw the story surrounding a young lad who had his college place withdrawn after a week I realised that I really needed to pursue this if we were going to get anywhere. After a few emails a tour of the provision was arranged and hopefully Dylan will have a part time college place starting after the October half term… we’ll see!

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