Making requests other than food.

Dylan wants to say something on his iPad. He’s loaded the sentence but doesn’t want to hear it: probably because he knows the answer will be a firm no. (Dylan lost his pudding today as a punishment but that’s a whole ‘nother story!)

Because he won’t turn the iPad volume up I can’t hear his request. I tell him ‘Dylan I can’t hear it, turn it up’.
Dylan has no choice but to turn the volume up if he wants to have a chance at pudding. But he really doesn’t want to hear the request (as Dads probably already answered it) and neither does he want to hear me repeat Dads negative response to his pudding plea.
So this is a video of Dylan trying to untangle his ear defenders from his iPad strap so he can put them on before turning the iPad up. I know he’s in a tangle. I know he probably won’t be able to untangle them himself but I’m going to sit and wait and not get involved until Dylan makes an important request for something other than food. 
**Dylan needs to ask for help.**
Dylan was probably trying to free his ear defenders for about 40 seconds before I began recording. Including the 24 second video thats a minute of Dylan struggling before he makes his request. 
It just goes to show that despite Dylans ability to use his voice, be it verbal or with the iPad, for something less motivating than food he needs more time. 
He needs more time to focus and more time to either coordinate what he needs to complete the task or to coordinate what he needs to gain assistance.

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