Not hanging around for washing 

Everybody in this house hates putting their clean laundry away. But no-one more that Dylan.

It’s probably due to the endless piles which, no sooner are they hung away, seem to grow again, larger and at a frightening speed.

Through months of ABA teaching, tens of skills are taught tiny bit by tiny bit until Dylan is confident that he can remember and apply them when needed. Examples of tasks taught are sorting, fine motor skills for how to work pegs – this was a 4 step program alone requiring work on pressure of fingers, angle of hand/wrist, when to squeeze the peg and when to stop squeezing the peg (and let go!) A timer programme for the washing machine, sorting programmes for clean and dirty as well as wet and dry and then a whole programme on how to ensure hung clothes stay on the hanger. This is all in addition to a whole bunch of other previously taught skills and learning which was tweaked so that Dylan could apply this previous learning to washing specific learning to ensure his laundry tasks were successfully completed.

The skills for washing are now chained together enabling Dylan to load and unload the washing machine. He’s both a pro at hanging the clean, wet washing out on the line to dry and will also take the load down again once dry and bring it indoors in a calm controlled fashion without pinging clothes pegs everywhere (much better than Josh and Grace do it!!)

But this end bit, the putting away bit, causes him no end of anxiety. He can put the clothes on the hangers and hang them up in his wardrobe fine but between each item joining its hanger and them being put away he has to bring it to us and thrust it in our faces.

Every. Single. Item.

No words. He just shows us he’s done it. We praise him for each item successfully on its hanger and then he grumbles off to hang it away.

Well done Dylan 🙂

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