Ever increasing expectations

A new Speech and Language Therapist came this week; the purpose was to offer advice with progressing with Dylan’s IPad. I think she came under the impression that we needed clarification on if the P2G is the right programme for Dylan. Lucky for her she agreed that it is indeed the right programme for him as he is doing so well with it.

As a family we are self-taught with the iPad; we instigated it, brought it, researched its use and implemented it. Although we Dylan shows us every day it’s a success it was so nice to have professional recognition that Dylan’s working well with it.

Dylan uses the IPad with greater ease each day. He has requesting down to an art. Initially with motivating food but he will now request places, items and even people. The next step is opinions, questions and turn taking. If we can get these practiced then we have the pillars of conversation!

Plans for future goals are for Dylan to use the name of the person he is addressing. Dylan really tries with making eye contact when he is speaking to people but with his jumbled up speech and the time delay of writing his words on the IPad the purpose of eye contact in gaining attention is often lost. If Dylan can use the name of the person he is talking to this will direct his speech more appropriately and increase success in an interaction. The use of names also helps Dylan to label his requests. A previous request for ‘car’ can turn into a request to visit Granny with the right words used.


To ask questions and give opinions ‘Would you like some? How was work? Where are we going?’ Dylan will make basic requests which could be manipulated into questions but we also need to expand on these. An example of this is recently when Dylan requested ‘pizza please’ when what he was signalling was that he actually wanted some of mine – I returned with modelling ‘Can I have SOME of YOUR pizza please MUM?’; same message but a more acceptable use of words.

On a separate day when asked if he would like cheese on his dinner Dylan’s verbal ‘non’ was then prompted with the IPad to develop into ‘No I don’t like cheese thank you’ with little more than verbal prompts for the words needed, Dylan found these on the IPad by himself.

Once shown where these words are Dylan will often remember them and use them spontaneously himself.

Once equipped with a range of opportunities to practice his option and ask questions we just need to integrate this with the ability to turn take in a flowing manner.

Generalise and voila we have conversation! Simples 🙂

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