Happy birthday Mister!


Dylan’s 14.

Not sure what I have to say about that. Apart from

Where’s the time gone??!

This year’s birthday Dylan definitely understood more. He looked out for his name on envelopes and opened those addressed to him and enjoyed placing his cards out on the unit for all to see. 

He looked through the various home shopping catalogues we have and asked for many many items for his birthday (shame we were looking for ideas for Joshua birthday at the time but hey-ho! What a development of awareness!). 

He chose his birthday cake and planned his birthday meal out. He has genuinely seemed excited about it.

First thing this morning Josh and Grace performed a ‘chicken nuggets’ song and made up a dance show for him which finished with the bringing out of a platter of all of the chicken nuggets in the house cooked for Dylan to eat for his breakfast. The whole thing planned and executed totally independently by the younger ones. Dads face was a picture on the presentation of the nuggets and Dylan was in his element!

Presents are always tricky and despite Dylan’s interest in the shopping catalogues it was tricky to find him something suitable as a gift. 

Dylan’s main present from us was a classic games console and a tv for his room. Where the boys shared a room and tv before we moved Josh has inherited since they have had separate rooms. Now Dylan has his own tv we’ve hardly seen him. He loves the retro games and plays them for hours, and he plays them well!

There’s something very satisfying about having your strapping son enjoying games that you played when you were younger than he is now.

Happy birthday boy x

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