Thankfully Dylan has always been relatively easy going and as a family we live our lives straddling the fine line between trying to expand Dylan’s experiences out of his comfort zone whilst simulatiously picking our battles to maintain some family harmony.

Dylan has always been highly anxious with anything to do with his body; physical examinations, people looking at or asking questions about his body or if he is required to imitate others can send him quickly into an anxious state. We have attributed this to his sensory processing difficulties which appear to be highlighted to him when his attention is drawn to his constantly flailing limbs and stiff posture. 

So when Dylan’s ABA consultant suggested yoga as a keeping fit activity we nearly choked on our digestive biscuits and almost certainly knew that wasn’t ever gonna happen.

However a few weeks ago I found a special needs yoga club and we decided to give it a try. The reason for this was less from the perspective of keeping fit but more for the purpose if learning a lesson of compliance, of fulfilling a task request or activity because of external necessity rather than all of Dylan’s activities being self directed. 

Initially he hated it and would grizzle and request ‘cola’ throughout but over time and gentle consistency he’s actually getting quite good at it. 

Okay some days are better than others but we’re persevering!

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