Cracking yolks 

The suns shining and the schools are out – whats a bored child to do? Well Grace hoped to make carrot cake with Dylan today. Not being totally organised with ensuring she has all the ingredients before making a start, Grace sadly had got all the ingredients opened and half mixed before she took a chance glance and realised that the eggs actually expired two weeks ago. 

After being assured that there was *absolutely* no chance of me going out to pick up eggs at 4pm on a bank holiday Sunday Grace eventually left the half mixed powder and jug of milk before grumpily dumping the box of eggs in the bin and sitting down with me to watch endless telly.

Grace and I are well into a marathon of Speechless and Dylan comes downstairs to explore whats for dinner. I’m distracted and only notice he’s in the kitchen when there’s a small crash and Dylan comes to the doorway looking a weeny bit guilty. Grace and I go and have a look and see that Dylan, upon spotting the abandoned cake preparation decided to get the eggs out of the bin and cracked one into the jug of prepared yet incomplete mixture. The whole lot had spilt and was running off the counter top and onto the floor.

Thankfully it didn’t take long to clear up and we opened the windows to get rid of the smell. Sitting back down on the sofa Dylan pipes up with his iPad. ‘Scrambled egg’. 

‘Not scrambled Dylan. Smashed. You smashed the egg’ 

‘ Scrambled egg’ Dylan repeats again and again

‘ Dylan? You don’t even like scrambled egg’ 

Josh looks up from the telly briefly. 

‘For goodness sake mum it’s a joke. He’s telling you as a joke. The eggs are scrambled’

I look at the iPad. And then Dylan who has such an expression I just couldn’t describe.

Oh yeah, he was telling a joke. 

He’s not done that before.


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