‘To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow’ 

A week. What a week. Filled with emails, stresses, deadlines and assessments. 

The ongoing requirements of education on the lead up to assessment week takes us away from our hands on work with Dylan.  

Its all phone calls, documents, paperwork which all require reading, checking, approving and filing ready for meetings. 

The very important final meeting for today was cancelled.  

By us. 

Cancelled because the professionals involved with Dylan couldn’t pull their fingers out and get his reports submitted for consideration on time. 

It feels like a wasted week.

The first half of the week filled with the misery of completing negative almost traitorous assessments about Dylans lack of ability. 

The second half filled with fury that noone else bothered to complete their written requirements of misery on time. 

So today. Friday finally, but I see this.

 To glance out of the window and see Dylan tending to his beloved plants brought it all back. Realigned all priorities.

Dylan loves the garden. He waters his plants and I adore the idea of there being hope in the planting of and tending to gardens. 

This gorgeous picture reminds me that that is what this week has really been about; not other people’s opinions and requirements but about Dylan. 

And hope and belief. 

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