Sunday Rituals

Sunday evening is historically the evening that all children have a bath, a hair wash and then have fingernails and toenails trimmed.

I’m not too fussed about them staying up later on the Saturday night and maybe not bathing but on Sundays, especially on a school night they do; They always do. 

Dylans sensory needs have always run wild with the excessive amount of positioning, physical touch and concentration required to complete such personal hygiene tasks. Progressively over the years we have always managed. Sometimes with tears but more recently without.

This evening after completing a reasonably independent bath and hairwash Dylan sat beautifully with me and had all fingers and toes tidied up. Yesterday we brought Dylan a new toothbrush and tonight he was happy to brave a go with it. Too happy almost! 🙂

Dylan tries so hard and has made so so much progress. To think before I had any awareness of sensory processing disorder I would literally be chasing Dylan with a toothbrush trying to brush his teeth, terrified that he would develop cavities or decay due to my inability to clean his teeth properly.  To see him now brushing his teeth independently and so proficiently is amazing.

This boy makes me so proud.

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