Hear him Roar-y

Dylan makes noise all the time. 

Dylan being ‘non verbal’ does not mean ‘non noise.’ Because of this we sometimes unintentionally don’t listen when Dylan speaks. Due to his dyspraxia his speech often sounds like stimming noises. We often hear him but don’t always listen, it’s habit; after 13 years we simply aren’t used to Dylan trying to speak to us.

This week Dylan really had to articulate his words to get Dad to hear him.

*loud vocalisations* “Caaaa-rr”

Dad “Car Dylan? You want the car?”

Dylan “Yah bee”

Dad “Where do not want to go?”

Dylan “Non. Way way”

Dad “You want the car? To go where?”

Dylan “Non, non tang oo. Way way”

Dad “Sorry Dylan I don’t understand. Can you find the words on your iPad?”

Ahhh,  remote control, comfy sofa; Dylan didn’t want to go anywhere. 


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