Tribunal memories 2013

A memory from 4 years ago.

We lost Dylan’s tribunal yesterday, sad news but with reports like this making mainstream publication I feel more convinced than ever that what we are doing is right and the ruling is wrong. 🙂

My kid deserves more. 

Reading articles like this are so reaffirming. 

Four years ago our fight with the authorities was over.

We were plunging all our efforts into Dylan rather than a system that focuses on its provision rather than the children its is paid to support. 

We vowed that Dylan would continue to learn, at home, supported by Dad and myself. 

During the tribunal process we gained a huge amount through that year. It gave us insight into a highly corrupt, discriminating, publicly funded method of disability ‘management’ which is geared to crippled parents financially. 

We had to meet with some of the most uncaring unprofessional ‘professionals’ we have ever had the misfortune to come across and been told some heartbreaking, uninformed lies about our son purely in an effort to break our spirit and hurt our feelings.
But it also forced us into private professional assessments. 

These have given us a true insight into Dylan and what a truly remarkable, beautiful little boy he really is despite the profound difficulties he has on a minute by minute basis. 

Dylan has learnt. 

He can write his name, he is talking, slowly, but functionally. 

He enjoys being around us and others. He can add numbers, he can count, he can play board games, he can make animal sounds, he can request items, with manners and is learning to understand when told ‘no’. 

He is progressing, happy and doing so well, as he should be like any other child. And he is continuing to do so with us teaching him at home.

We didn’t realise it at the time but we didn’t need tribunal; we’ve already won  🙂

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