Around the dinner table today I broached the subject of the impending EHCP which has been on my mind since last week. My concerns – mostly directed at Dad, were the choices, the battles it could potentially develop and the expectations that we as parents would have to look at a forward thinking plans for Dylan regarding the next couple of years.

The truth is that as a couple a large aspect of our survival in our journey with Dylans autism is that we only look a few months ahead at a time. The future always feels so uncertain, so unpredictable that we simply don’t know what to expect.

Our path with Dylan has been so different to that of Josh and Grace that his journey doesn’t lag behind the younger two as it has previously, but we have veered to a totally different route; one which is absolutely fine but definitely needs its own sensitive considerations.

Dylan’s alternative route and progress has also superseded those expectations of professionals who claimed to know autism and the blinkered paths of children who live with it; they had Dylan’s path all mapped out and this is now not his current destination.

 After mulling it over for a few minutes Dad and I agreed that longer term goal would be for Dylan to access paid employment, however it feels like a large feat and a long, long terrifying way off.

Another big element of the EHCP is acknowledging Dylan’s wishes. So we asked him;

‘Dylan if you were to work when you get older, where would you like to work?’

Clear as a bell


‘McDonalds? Okay, doing what? Cooking or cleaning tables?’

‘Weeween ahalla’

‘To clean the tables?’

‘Yah bee’


Year 9 career talk over.

Wasn’t so bad  🙂

2 thoughts on “Options

  1. I once had the joy of teaching a young autistic lad (must have been about 7 or 8 years old) and asked him that question. His eyes absolutely shone as he said,” I’m going to work at Tesco. I’ll collect all the trolleys in the car park and I’ll put them in straight lines. My lines of trolleys will be the straightest in the world.’
    I still hope that one day I’ll go to a branch of Tesco and see him happily living his dream.

    Good luck to Dylan. Bet he’ll have the cleanest tables in the world! x


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