Looking Back on 2016 -December 

Well, the end of 2016 is upon us.
December is always an unsettled month for us all. Crammed in with the Christmas build up, all the traditions, fracturing the normalising routines before that last minute sprint to Christmas day. It’s exhausting. 

For us, we’ve given up with traditions.  We do what suits us around Christmas depending on Dylans ability to cope with everything day by day. It works for us and it’s Dylans Christmas too after all.

We give presents from one another last thing on Christmas Eve so that we can take time over opening them and thank one another. Its also a pleasure to see our selected gifts being opened; focuses on the feel good factor of giving as well as the receiving. Sharing this as an event also gives a great opportunity for Dylan to see others open presents,  a skill which is only really practiced a couple of times a year so it has taken a while to perfect! 

But Dylan woke Christmas morning with little persuasion to come downstairs and open Santa’s gifts. And I’m happy to report that all were expertly opened by him before 8am. 

We have a quiet day at home with just us and my mum over for dinner. Its been a wonderful Christmas. A great finish to the end of a great month and a magical year.

So. To the end of 2016:

Thankyou, you’ve been amazing. 

And welcome 2017; We’re ready for you!

Wishing all Dylans readers and supporters a happy and healthy 2017. Thankyou for following, commenting and just generally being there through the therapy I have been provided through writing this blog. 

It’s been a ball xxx

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