Looking back on 2016- January 

This blog didn’t even exist in January. Dylan was being home schooled and things had been moving ahead steadily for the last few years. The ABA had always focused on the structure and routine of rote and academic learning but as the year turned into 2016 there was a shift within Dylan that wasnt noted at the time but looking back,  I can see it clearly now.

Dylan began to grow in confidence at the beginning of the year. He adored his 2015 Christmas present of a handheld hoover and used it as his domestic skills developed with supported cooking and food preparation. He began piecing together the cause and effect of real life. You want to eat you have to cook.You make a mess you clean it up. Little by little joins were being made between singly taught elements or concepts.

Late in January as a family we attended the autism friendly session of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Now this is one of my all time favourite books and films I was really excited for the children to be able to see it at the theatre.  It would not have been possible to see this without it being a relaxed screening. As we predicted Dylan was very jumpy and anxious throughout the show making loud stimming, hummy noises and he kept needing to stand up out of his chair. It would have been too stressful to take him to a regular theatre trip where we would have been concerned that we would have had complaints from other theatre-goers. Here though noone cared. It was a fantastic opportunity which was especially enjoyed by Josh and Grace.

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