A Christmas Wish #1

This dog, this is what makes Christmas for Dylan.

He doesn’t care for the Christmas lights or decorations, he’s not a fan of the noise or change of routine, Okay he likes the food but apart from that even the presents Dylan would be happy without. But this singing dog is his companion between late November and early January until we have to pack him away until th next year.

When out Dylan will take the dog away, usually to sit in the stairway and play his merry little tune again and again and again and again and…. Yes, you get it 🙂

I started an internet search for one and despite people’s best efforts to seek out alternatives I could not find where to buy a replacement. I contacted the shop we brought it from years ago; no longer stocking this item. I contacted the manufacturer; again no luck.

Then thanks to an international Facebook search one was found…. by my cousin who lives only 5 miles away from us!

Unbelievable, but he and his children kindly gave us their dog so that Dylan could have it and he is absolutely over the moon with it, Christmas has started!

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