“It’ll be lonely this Christmas…”

​Dylans favourite  ever Christmas decoration. This bad boy plays from the moment it is brought out of the loft early December until its packed back away in the new year. Dylan adores it and this has been the case since we brought it at Christmas time about 6 years ago. 

It’s extremely overused, this poor pooch has needed new batteries and light repairs every year when brought out at Christmas time. As much is his constant uncheery tune of “It’ll be lonely this Christmas” by Mud (which I thought would never be missed) sadly this Christmas he has finally died a death and despite Dylans constant attempts there is no fixing this. 

Does anyone know where one of these can be brought as a replacement? 
Amazon and eBay are both out of stock. It was purchased in Homebase originally but was only used as one off stock on the particular year it was brought.

Any ideas?

One thought on ““It’ll be lonely this Christmas…”

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