Sugar rush

Dylan has been enjoying his daily opportunities to go to the cafe and practicing his purchases but there is a slight concern that the golden choice is always Coke. Full fat, full sugar Coke.

Working in health care I am incredibly aware about how choices we make now with our lifestyles, diet and hobbies can affect our health, wellbeing and develop our habits for life.

Dylan likes all fizzy drinks but he will always choose the unhealthiest option. With his new focus on independent purchases Dylan is ordering his drinks without support which gives a free reign to buy whichever drink he prefers… yep, more Coke!

In an effort to manage this we have made a social story much like the one used for not swimming straight after eating whilst on holiday seen here. When using pictello, the programme relays the story where Dylan is given information to explain why he needs to understand a certain situation. 

The pictello programme is easy to use and the story took only a couple of minutes to make. We’ll show Dylan the story on arriving at the cafe so it’s fresh in his mind and see if it influences his choice of drink. 

I know there’s artifical sweeteners in diet drinks and am not a fan of these either long term but we need to tackle this one little battle at a time. 

Hopefully the social story will be the first step in moving away from chemical filled fizzy drinks! 🙂

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