Haircut time again.

Another smashing performance with even less support and prompting.
For the first time both boys -and Dad- could have their haircuts at the same time instead of having to swap barbers or plan the best seat/barber/timing to enable Dylan to get through it. 

Although we visit the same same regular barbers we went to their newly relocated shop around the corner from their usual one. The men there recognise that Dylan is different and the gentleman who cut his hair today requested specifically for the job of cutting Dylans hair. An older man he is confident and unfazed by Dylans often jerky mannerisms and growing anxiety. 

Despite always giving Dylan the choice of whether he wants his hair cut or not he always confirms that he wants to have it done. I wouldn’t dream of forcing or encouraging him to do something so difficult for him publicly if he didn’t want to. Although Dylan asks for his hair to be cut he still finds it very difficult to tolerate and I think that he always will. Dylan vocally stims loudly throughout; the bright lights, the noise and the natural anxiety around haircuts is heightened but the staff there never make a big deal about it. They speak to Dylan directly and reassure him throughout whilst getting on with the job in hand swiftly and confidently. I’m sure this reassures Dylan and so when Dad and Josh were having their haircuts and the next barbers chair became free; 
Dylan just went for it. 

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