An Unconventional Christmas List

‘Ohh Christmas is coming,  have the children written their lists yet? Any ideas for them?’

Well, yes absolutely well meaning  family member yes,  2 out of 3 yes. No problem. 

Dylan however is always the stumbling block with ideas for gifts. Be it on his summer birthday or in the colder Christmas months none of the seasons lend a hand to solving the mystery of a suitable gift for this growing young lad. 

What can I suggest to these well wishing relatives? Well here it is. 

Dylans true interests/gift ideas for 2016

1- A really hard pumped leather football and to be allowed to continually boot it at next doors fence. Nowhere else, just the forbidden fragile fence put up by the best neighbours in the world.

2- DVDs – favourites include Bob the Builder,  Postman Pat, Thomas the Tank engine. Maybe a little Sponge bob Square pants when feeling mature. These need to be on a loop. For days.

3- A covering. Like a duvet but that you can move about in without smashing stuff up either side of you when wearing it on his head around the house. Like a heavy blanket meets hoodie that is acceptable for wearing out of doors. Not because Dylan gives a toss about what he looks like out doors but because Dad and I could do without the constant questions from strangers about why our large son is hiding under layers or brought his duvet to the shops. 

4- A neverending pump of full fat, full sugar Coke. He loves the stuff to excess. We’re working on reducing his consumption but to hell with it; this is Dylans list and this is what he would like! Failing that. Same idea but with hot chocolate 🙂

5- A ping pong (tabletennis) table. A newly discovered skill of Dylans. He will bat around with a partner for over half and hour calm and requesting more. Sadly we don’t have the room but held love one!

6- A selection of hoovers and floor cleaners. Not to use but to hold and look at the manufacturers stickers and logos from a variety of angles. 

Whenever we visit an appliance shop or the supermarket it’s always a real treat for Dylan to be able to look at the hoovers. I often get them off the shelves for him and hold the bottoms up so that he can have a good look at the sticker and model number. Maybe I could make a book of photos of the stickers for him but I don’t think he’ll get the same feels from a book as he does from the real life objects.
7- Shampoo. Dylan loves to wash his hair and will lather up over and over again often using a whole bottle for one bath. He would love to have his own stock so that he could use it all without me policing that there’s enough left for the rest of the family.

So that’s about it. I’m sure if we circulated this list to our nearest and dearest they would do their absolute best to provide Dylan with all of his desires. 

But attempting to seek out hooded heavy yet lightweight blankets and a vessel for never ending Coke would be such a headache and lets be honest, no one needs a headache this close to Christmas!

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