Independent Purchases – Week 1

The independent work has peaked this week. For four days Dad has taken Dylan out to practice his taught skills of waiting, requesting and paying for items.

Although making great strides and clearly enjoying the buying of fizzy drinks everyday (Dylans biggest motivator) there is a definite need for further teaching in regards to keeping up with moving queues, to stand still to avoid knocking into people accidentally and remembering to put his money/card away after purchase.

Dad is taking videos of Dylans progress daily and sending them to me while at work so I don’t miss anything.
I look forward to my daily updates which, due to the large volume of video, are shared here on the Facebook page: with a hop, skip and a jump.

2 thoughts on “Independent Purchases – Week 1

  1. That’s good. Me still has problems and the lady at build a bear always make sure me put away everything no matter how long it takes me.


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