Day 4: independent purchases -buying hot chocolate.

Today Dylan went for a hot drink. The queue was longer but Dylan wanted to go ahead and try. He needed a lot of gestures to prompt him keeping up with the moving queue and to remain focused on paying and listening out for the staff to speak to him. He frequently seeks Dad out for reassurance and I really think that the social story could give him the confidence boost with knowing what the next move is so he can plan his interaction.
Last part of the video Dylan needed Dad to intervene; the staff put marshmallows on his hot chocolate which Dylan didn’t want so he kept pushing the cup back to her and wouldn’t take it to sit down. We have now put marshmallows on the iPad so that Dylan can say for himself if he doesn’t want them in the future.
Once Dad explained that Dylan doesn’t like marshmallows the staff kindly apologised and gave him a fresh drink. Dylan handled the situation well and waved bye to the staff on leaving.

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