Tea for Two

While at work I got sent these lovely pictures today. Dylan went out with Dad and practiced his independence skills. 

ABA has worked really well for Dylans learning. For us to be able to break things down into little stages which can be learnt and strung together to make meaningful skills for him has revolutionised Dylans (and our!) lives. Errorless learning has given Dylan the boost in confidence to try at new experiences and to develop his interest in exploring concepts and ideas.  

We are now at the stage where Dylan needs to join the unpredictable world  where it isn’t all set up for his success  and he needs to think on his feet. 

We knew it was coming but it’s a nerve-racking time for us as parents. For his whole life we have tried to protect Dylan from the wickedness of the publics glare, from unforgiving customer service and the hustle and bustle of a world that doesn’t have the time to allow Dylan a minute to formulate his thoughts let alone his words. 
Simply buying a hot drink could pose no end of possibilities;  

  • What if they don’t understand him?
  • What if he drops his money? 
  • What if his card is declined? 
  • What if he asks for the wrong thing? 
  • What if his request is out of stock? 

Too many ‘what ifs’…. 

So they both just got on and did it.
And I’m so incredibly proud of them both 🙂

One thought on “Tea for Two

  1. You are awesome to help him with these things. Some people wait until adult to try practice if at all. Even now sometimes people do stuff for me without even trying help me do it more independent because they are not patient. I’m glad for you and him that you help him do everything he’s able.


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