Remember remember…

The 5th of November. Good old Guy Fawkes didn’t manage to blow up parliament. 

Probably the most famous failure that’s celebrated year on year. 
Lots of fireworks.  


More change to routine by going to unfamiliar places, at unfamiliar times of day. 

And so soon after Halloween! 

Dylan took tonight’s fireworks in his stride. We explained earlier today what we would be doing. He wrapped up well and the ear defenders remained on throughout but; he was okay. Much less unsettled than last year which is all good progress. It was freezing out and he had really had enough by the time we were done, no amount of hot chocolate could keep him out longer but he did well. Really well 🙂

November also marks a new month of core words. 

I’ve struggled with preparing for this monthly task and October’s practice with this wasn’t great: It’s so hard to locate all the words in time to make it functional! 

I’m really aware that Dylan needs this though to expand from just requests and his ‘safe’ language. These core words will help his language grow so I’m gutted that October was such a flop. 

But this is a new month and I’m ready for it, I just have to thaw out first! Brrrr!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe bonfire night. 

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