Dylans new dialogue.

Dylan: ‘Mum,  I wan munee bee’

Me: ‘You want money?” 

Dylan: “Yah bee ‘ 

Me: ‘What do you want money for?”

Dylan: ‘Wapah’ 

Me: ‘One pound?

Dylan: “Yah be’

Me: ‘What do you want to do with your one pound? What do you want to buy?”

Dylan: “Ffap”

Me: “Ffap?…(pause)  I don’t understand Dylan. I’m sorry”

Dylan: “Ipad.”

Then Dylan gets his Ipad and hovers over all the pages. He opens up the icon which allows the creation of another button but then pauses over the keyboard; unsure of the letters he needs to decode the mystery surrounding “Ffap.”

We’ve been through this routine countless times over and over again in the last few days.

The repetition is getting wearing but for Dylan he want to get his ‘ffap’. I just wish we knew what it was!

I love the fact that he is now independently reaching for the Ipad to support his communication. And he’s talking! Really talking! 
Although unclear, the drive to communicate has arrived and I’m absolutely thrilled about it. There’s a definite improvement in his vocalisations since he is practising more. I’m aware his speech may not ever be clear to others outside of the family home but he is certainly trying! Thank goodness!

But ‘ffap’ has got us for the moment

 It won’t be forever but for now its a stumbling block. 

But we’ll get it, any ideas? 🙂

4 thoughts on “‘Fffap’

  1. You’re support is amazingly. My friend I be stay with has been try be same. So now with him me am more comfy using my voice attempting. It sounds funny like for example Me point at moon and try say beautiful and it comes out like fra. But he knows what I’m trying and if not directs me to mine Dynavox. It’s means so much when can communicate easy and fast. And when people treat you normal even if need patience. Him tell me just because I communicate different doesn’t mean I’m not valid. And that’s what you show Dylan to so yay.

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    • It’s so important that Dylan feels valid and wants to keep trying. I just wish I understood more. I will keep trying!
      Your insight is amazing. ‘Fra’ being pronounced for beautiful. I often think that Dylan is labelling the object but I will consider him trying to use descriptions more.
      Thank you for sharing your experiences.
      Your comments are so valuable. Thankyou x

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      • You’re super welcome. I’m hope can helps you both learn him help communicate and stuff. But me wants say you’re both do amazing. Me was not can do all that at him age.


      • I’m thinking something else remember is pointing can be about something similar. Like I may point at a pumpkin because my friend said will help me make jack a lantern and I want know can we do that now. Or at a rabbit because we just watched zootopia and Judy is a rabbit. From things me knows of Dylan me am thinking he may has lots more thinks in him head that just not has words yet. Him is super smart. It’s not always just wants and likes, sometimes it’s a memory or question. That why we teaching me use AAC and learn a language because pointing can be so many things but nobody can know. And if me don’t find a way to use words it stay inside my brain because I don’t think in words.

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