Buy buy love

Dylan has mild obsessions; mostly foods. Its not really a problem. He will ask for his favourite snacks crisps and cola. All the time. Easily 50 times a day. It’s a pleasant polite request of ‘I want crisps cola please’ but its continuous. 

We will let him buy these treats maybe once every couple of days. He loves full strength Coke but I make him get Pepsi Max so it has less sugars. He always selects a packet of Hot Doritos to go with them. 

Yesterday after school we went to our local shop. Its a fair sized local convenience store and having just been the end of school the shop was slowly filling with noisy secondary school children. 

Dylan, unfazed by the increasing babbling around him, did his usual request for his favourite snacks.I nodded my approval for this to him from the other end of the aisle and he nipped behind the next aisle to select his treats.

Luckily Dylan doesnt bolt off like he did when he was younger. He is still incredibly vulnerable though in that he gets swept away with crowds of people and will never really seek us out. Thank goodness he has never been lost but that’s only through our relentless insistence to always hold our hands or stay close to us when outdoors. I am slowly coming to terms with giving him more freedom from us but today the shop was far too busy. 

Josh and Grace passed me their snack choices as I tried to work my way through the now very busy aisle towards the tills to meet Dylan and pay. I could just see Dylan further down near the tills; occasionally losing sight of him as the queue between us became engorged with the ever growing flow of noisy boisterous school kids. I could see him enough to know he was safe but he was too far ahead for me to call him back or get his attention. 

But Dylan was cool. He heard the cashier when she called for the next person in the queue. He handed over his goods and quickly got his cash card ready. The cashier didnt interact with him; obviously far too busy to make small  talk with another irritating child on her already busy shift. This suited Dylan fine. He picked up on her cue for payment and waited until the payment machine asked for his pin number. After punching in the correct number he waited again until it was okay to remove his card and he replaced it back in his wallet. Dylan then collected his goods and his receipt and before waiting at the door for the rest of us. 

Cool as a cucumber and so so happy with himself. 

Now he knows he can get these prized treats by himself they’ll be no stopping him!

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