AAC in action

Dylans interpretation of language never ceases to amaze me. 

Yesterday we went to a local inclusive sports group and by the time we arrived the bulk of the group had gone outside to play football. Dylan wanted to go out to but with us not knowing this and Dylan not having the right words to ask for this he used his iPad to ask;

‘Open ball’

When we queried this request he pointed to the door which had an open sign on it. By pushing the door open a crack he could see the rest of the group out on the pitch playing football.
No anger or frustration. Just solution.
Dylan wore his IPad the whole session. Having the new shoulder strap has really ensured that Dylan can comfortably keep his IPad with him at all times.  

After coming in from football Dylan took of his manbag with his wallet and bits in but made sure he kept his Ipad with him while he played on the building blocks with Grace.

AAC is becoming more normal. Less facilitated and more natural. 
For Dylan and for us.

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