Ring a ring o’ roses

Ring a ring o’roses, a pocketful of posies, atishoo, atishoo, all fall down


Traditional English nursery rhyme

Dylan has been really sensory seeking today; requsting his hair tickled and arms and hands to be tickled. Josh and Grace have shared giving him bursts of ‘ring-a-ring-o-roses’ ending with a big armpit tickle. Dylan loves this and will try and share the interaction back to them with his approximations for words and end with a fruatrated tickle.
Today we put the rhyme on the iPad. Sentence by sentence, that way Dylan can choose whether to plan the whole song and play it in one go or he can play it line by line adding more suspense to the game. Dylan prefers this way, he loves the suspense and ends up in fits of giggles before the end of the rhyme 🙂
We spent the rest of this afternoon at the seaside about an hours drive away. 

Dylan loves the sea and is instinctively drawn to it. He loves to paddle and watch the waves lap around his feet. 

Naturally in the heat of an August weekend the streets were busy and Dylan desperately kept trying to break free from his Dad and I and walk alone in front of us. I know hes 13 but with no road sense or stranger danger awareness he is so vulnerable it terrifies me. I find I have to coerce him back to me with talk of food or one-sided discussions regarding our immediate plans to keep him focused on us and within arms reach as we walk to our destination, preferably away from roads or other dangers.
Dylan has been talking alot throughout the day! It’s still so hard to understand what he’s saying due to his articulation and I feel bad telling him I can’t understand him when he’s clearly trying so hard. But, when reminded, he will use the iPad and hopefully this will continue to grow into more of a natural habit. 

But the trying to talk. The eye contact, bringing his face close, the waiting for a look to check that he’s been heard,  even being in the same room as us are all such huge leaps in progress for him. These are elements of progress which are so tiny they aren’t even recognised in the neurotypical spectrum sense of communicating. 

These are elements of relevance for us, and after all these years they’re finally,  *finally* emerging.

Its been a wonderful day.

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