Midnight ramblings 

Its dark and quiet. Everyone seems asleep then there’s a small whispering voice in the doorway.

Dylan: ‘Muuuum

Me: ‘Dylan? You okay?

Dylan: ‘I waaa doo dah beee’

Me: ‘Water?’

Dylan: ‘Doo dah’

Me: ‘Toilet?’ 

Dylan: ‘Yah bee’

Me: ‘Of course! Yes you can go to the toilet!’

Dylan scuttles across the hall to the toilet. 

He doesn’t have to ask to go to the toilet. He never asks. 

Then I think to myself that he doesn’t usually go to the toilet in the night and that maybe he doesn’t feel well.
Me: ‘You okay Dylan? Do you need a wee or a poo?’

Dylan: ‘Wee

Me: ‘Okay

Dylan finishes. He gets up and scuttles back to bed. 

Me: ‘Goodnight Dylan. Love you.’


Light off.

I love the little talks we’re starting to have 🙂

2 thoughts on “Midnight ramblings 

    • It’s amazing! Its been hard work and slow progress for a long time but I really appreciate the developments way more than I did when they came more naturally with Josh and Grace. Really makes you appreciate how much work we put in to communicate without even realising!

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