21 days of modelling… day 19

A sunny day today so we took advantage of it and had a mammoth 3 hour trip to the park. 

Kids were out everywhere making the most of the August sunshine. 

Dylan generated a lot of attention with his IPad. Some people seemed genuinely aghast that Dylan uses it to speak. 

Josh saw some kids that he went to school with previously before moving schools a couple of years ago. They remembered Dylan from the playground at school pick up time even though Josh was at school with them probably over 3 years ago.  

They were so happy that Dylan was finally able to communicate and asked him loads of questions. Dylan began to get flustered at all the attention and Josh recognising this quickly redirected them to an inclusive game of football. 

Dylans much happier interacting with people from afar and knows whats expected from him when a ball is kicked in his direction.

We stayed at the park for hours before heading over to the shops for bits for tomorrow lunch. Dylan used the Ipad to talk about where we were going and was really pleased to be heading out for food,  even if it’s not going to be eaten till tomorrow! 

Football’s great but it doesn’t have a patch on food!
New words- 16

Total words- 185

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