21 days of modelling… day 18

I love my weekends.  I’m a firm believer in the 2 day week and 5 day weekend.

Unless I become Prime Minister or win the Lottery its a five day week of work for me for the foreseeable future so my mini weekends are precious.

We are lucky as a family that Dad and I both have flexible and understanding employers which allows us a small amount of time at the weekends to spend together with the children.

Today it was Dylans choice of activity and although he was out of the room while the possible plans for the day were being discussed he soon piped up with the IPad that he wanted to go the the local village pub for lunch. Unprompted; Wow! 🙂

Dylan doesn’t have limited food obsessions. He largely just loves food. He has a spicy, salt seeking palate at home but when we eat out he often uses the Ipad to request chicken and chips or burger and chips- simple items which are usually available from the kiddie menu.

Today we used the IPad to model requesting different foods. We modelled to Dylan the different items on the menu and he was quite taken with the idea of chicken skewers and concentrated to correctly spell them out on the IPad.

He loved them! A proper adult sized meal from the big boy menu and he ate the lot!

Its really nice to see how he’s starting to realise that there are words all around him that he can tap into successfully.

No food pictures I’m afraid, we were too busy eating!

Here are some snapshots from the Ipad instead. 🙂


Dylan ordering his meal

Finishing breakfast and then some sensory seeking

Requesting breakfast. No butter thanks.

Clear plans for the after lunch activity.

New words- 24
Total words- 169

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