21 days of modelling… day 16

Another day of double shifts so not much time at home for me. I’m told it’s been a good day. The Ipad has been used throughout the day and looking at the history this evening it look like the modelling is going well. 

A lot of the posts on my Facebook this evening is discussing and preparing for back to school. 
New classes. New teaching assistants. New IEPs. 

I feel very grateful that we are in a position where this isn’t an issue for Dylan and my double shift doesn’t feel so tiresome when I know its facilitating him to be able to achieve so much. 

Approaching the new academic year where Dylan would be in Year 9 and a year where his peers have to contend with choices for exams, work experience and the rush towards independence. We are actually focusing on more concrete concepts like cooking, shopping and laundry. 

This is fine. Dylan is happy and progressing. Thats the main thing.

Although different, this next year also holds excitement for us; New possibilities, learning opportunities and with the strengthened use of the Ipad -and everyone now on board with the modelling – who knows where we will be progress-wise this time next year.

I’m looking forward to finding out 🙂
New words-8

Total words -131

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