21 days of modelling… day 15

FACT. There is nothing more likely to push the irritation button than shoe shopping. 

This nightmare scenario of having feet measured, shoes sought and then to queue and pay for said shoes is slightly relieved by the fact that 

  1. There’s still 2 weeks until the back to school rush so plenty of shoes to choose from, and 
  2. we chose to hit the shops after 6pm when its decidedly quieter!

As forward thinking parents we thought we would seal the shoe shop deal with an icecream to start. Having just eaten dinner, an icecream was a welcome desert so we headed straight to the icecream section in our local cinema.

Hmm. Lolly. Ice cream. Lolly. Icecream.

One of Dylans great conundrums.

Now when given the choices Dylan verbally chose lolly. He went and stood next to the lollys,  his face crumples and he quietly begins to cry. As I walk over to him he gets his Ipad out of his bag. He types 

‘I want waffle cone’. 

‘Dylan,  do you want the icecream instead?’ 

Verbally ‘Yah bee’. Tears stop. Face relaxes. Anxiety lifts. 

Dylan knew he had a choice. He knew he wanted an icecream but his body said lolly and he didnt know how to correct himself: until he remembered the Ipad.

Throughout the rest of our ghastly school shoe shopping trip Dylan and I used the Ipad to comment on everything from hot drinks, farts and plans for bathtime. 

Dylan was relaxed, calm and interactive throughout the trip.

It was thoroughly enjoyable

New words: 10
Total words: 123

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