Missing Kreed

It’s been 3 months since Kreed passed away. A young man that I never had the pleasure of meeting but who inspired me from across the Atlantic Ocean.

He was the first person I had seen who reminded me of Dylan and I immediately felt drawn to him. 

Same mannerisms. 

Same humour. 

Similar difficulties. 

Kreed gave us an insight into how non verbal communication and aac could work and for that I will be forever inspired. 

His communication needs were so similar to Dylans but they were expertly managed by Erin his mum who would work continually with him and his aac device. 

I was enthralled. 

For the first time with communication I felt hope and I knew I had to learn what to do to help Dylan the same way. 

I followed Kreeds journey for 2 years before he sadly passed away on 12th May 2016 aged only 18. 

No age. 

A life cut short. 

The final few months of his life are shared here in the recent post from Kreeds World.

I think of him every day.

Photo taken from Facebook page Kreeds World: A Complex Journey Through Autism.

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