21 days of modelling… day 11

Today I tried to be non verbal. 

I lasted 4 hours before I became too frustrated and gave up. 

Instead of talking I used an Ipad with Dylans programme on it. I first explained this to Josh and Grace who thought it would be a good idea and were supportive of me trying it. 

I was slow. 

I had to keep changing what I was going to say as I couldn’t find the words. 

People got bored of waiting to hear what I was writing to say. 

I found myself holding my breath trying to focus on what it was I wanted to say.

I found myself sitting hunched over the Ipad alone, flicking through the icons to try and find what I was looking for when Dylan came and sat with me. 

He brought his IPad over and seemed to think I was telling him what to type. He kept looking at my Ipad and copying the icons onto his. 

We didn’t converse but we shared the location of button and words and I told him how proud I was of him using his IPad to talk so well as I find it so hard. 

I lasted communicating non verbally until lunchtime and then used my voice. I felt exhausted by the effort of this morning using the Ipad and have been feeling reflective at the enormity of what feels like teaching another language. 
So we went out for lunch; we continued to model and give Dylan time to think and choose his answer. 

Dylan seemed a bit withdrawn after dinner. Quieter, with less stimming and his usual physical twitching. 

He’s spent the afternoon sitting in the garden on the cabin steps watching the others play. 

And that’s fine. He had a tough morning.

New words: 9

Total words: 84

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