21 days of modelling… day 8

 Looking back over the recent memory on the app today there is only one side on the conversation.  Looking deeper into the set up it seems that because the Ipad speaks when each word is touched there doesn’t seem to be a need for Dylan to press the speak button. It’s pressing the speak button which speaks the whole phrase and also logs the phrase or sentence within the apps memory. 

So I’ve changed that!

Dylan will now need to press the speak button to have his phrase heard and then we can really log the conversation.

The other side of the conversations recorded show that Dylan has been told to wait for his requests throughout the day -a difficult concept at best! He has also had the elements of time added in a new folder to expand on his ABA time programme.  Now Dylan can concentrate on working out telling the time instead of having the added burden of trying to find the words verbally for what he’s needing to say.

New words -4

Total words -55

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