21 days of modelling… day 7

On the 8th August 2011 we first started Dylans ABA programme. Fast forward five years and 8th August 2016 we are 1 week into the 21 day aac challenge.

That’s what I love about this journey.

‘Progress. Effort. Trying. Giving it a go. See what happens….’

These phrases have been said more by me in the last 5 years than my whole previous life put together!

So we’re 7 days into immersing ourselves in the swimming pool of modelling. Progress so far has been good.

  • Definitely more speech. That’s more VERBAL speech. The Ipad isn’t motivating which I think is making Dylan more focused on getting his speech clearer so that he hasn’t got to get the Ipad out of his bag to use it!
  • Dylan has tried to initiate play by calling Hal and taking his raggy toy to play.
  • My Mum visited this week and commmented on Dylans eye contact and willingness to comminicate with her verbally. She also noticed that his articulation is clearer.
  • In the last few days the Ipad is being taken out with Dylan every time we go out and its use is being instigated by all of the family.
  • We’ve realised that reading is possible and actually a lot of the ABA work that has already been learnt is going to be revisited with the Ipad to try and ensure that learning is concrete and to widen the scope for comments and general conversation.

New words: 9

Total words: 51

That’s 51 words in a week. Amazing 🙂

Just goes to show, some things you need to just jump right in.

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