21 days of modelling… day 5

I have tried to explain modelling to the family.  Some are on board and get it. Others not so much. 

I am of the impression from what I’ve read about aac that the more enriched in aac the environment, the more opportunity there is for learning and encouraging language development. 

Today I’ve tried a different tact. I’ve asked that we consider the Ipad as a foreign language that we need to learn. We need to learn where the buttons are placed and think about what we want to write instead of just blurting out things to say. 

It’s slow but it’s working. I found conversations on the Ipad between Dylan, his dad and his siblings. Everyone has appreciated how slow it is to find the buttons and in turn considered how Dylan may need to time to process and find the words that he would like to say.


Not so many new words today but the process is becoming ingrained šŸ™‚


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