21 days of modelling… day 4

“If you want something, just ask.”

How many times do we say this a day?  Within my day job I feel I say it constantly.  

To colleagues, to patients. 

There’s a reliance on those that need it to ask for help, of them being able to ask for assistance.

Often the responsibility to access help is left with the one person needing it to ask for it. 

Is this right? 

Today was sunny so we took Dylan to the park. We modelled and used the Ipad to discuss and comment on our surroundings at the lake and the park.

After playing Dylan indicated that wanted an icelolly. Sometimes for Dylan the components he needs to gain others attention and coordinate the sentences are difficult, muddled or incomplete. 

Communication was particularly difficult for Dylan today. No obvious reason. Sometimes the conflicting combination of autism and dyspraxia mean that no two communicative days can be the same. 

So today we stepped up the modelling. I completed the task for Dylan so that he could have his needs acknowledged and met. The kind girl in the ice cream kiosk was patient with us both; It took me a while to find the right icons and we had to spell out the lolly from the price list on the wall as it wasn’t already on his IPad. I could feel myself getting flushed and apologetic for taking so long. The cashier was lovely but it was a brief and unpleasant insight into the reality of communication for Dylan.  

This is why modelling is so important;  Not only to demonstrate AAC but to normalise it and allow empathy with the difficulties this different mode of communication can bring. 
So I completed the task from start to finish and got Dylan the icelolly he needed. 

We’re in this together kiddo.

New words- 4

Total new words – 30

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