21 days of modelling… day 3

There’s two things that motivate Dylan. Food and footballs.

Dylan has to have soft spongy footballs as he loves to smash them at the house, next doors fence and whoever happens to walk past so it’s safer to use balls of the softer variety. It’s Dylans enthusiasm which often causes kicked footballs to escape the secure fencing of the garden and go whooshing out of the garden and then need retrieving.

Today Dylan was angry that he didn’t have any balls left in the garden to play with so we used it as an opportunity for him to talk about where the balls were. He seemed distracted from his agitation at losing his toys by having his attention focused on the Ipad and was able to construct a phrase well after being shown it only once.

We then set the Ipad ready and Dylan went to knock next door to ask for his ball back! First time ever! He has seen Josh do this before  and was very clear that this is what he wanted to do. Grace took him round next door for support but sadly no one was in. It’s definitely an exercise that he wants to try though!

New words-10
Total new words – 26

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