21 days of modelling… day 2

A had a double shift at work so not a great deal of modelling occurred for me today but due to the summer holidays I was able to draft in some expert mini help;  Grace.

Grace is fully on board with the modelling. She loves to use the Ipad to talk and sits with Dylan for a long time showing him where the icons are and reeling off statements, comments and even songs on the Ipad that he sits and listens intently to.

Aside from the Ipad she loves to read so we thought to try and cross reference the two.

Years ago we were told by Dylans teachers that he couldn’t read because he couldn’t talk. Reading exercises set for Dylan were match a cut out picture of a person to the same person within a book. When we tried to explore how to move this forward to make it functional we were told 

‘You can’t. He can’t talk.’

It became apparent once Dylan left school and began ABA that he actually has a brilliant visual memory as one of his strengths and sight reading was one of our favourite programmes for him. To learn to match words allowed him to recognise words and signs such as toilet which reduced his anxiety when out in public. Dylan was reading and it was functional. I was thrilled! 🙂

So following on from helpful comments I’ve received recently from juanspinkelephant, Grace and I are hoping to expand Dylan’s reading by modelling and involving the Ipad. 

First attempt today went well. Usually Dylans not really motivated by books but the search for the matching word appeared to motivate him. 

It was also excellent practice to navigate the new arrangement of icons on the screen. He has increased to 128 icons on a page in the last week and a lot of those high frequency words are present on the home page but aren’t always used. A basic reading book repeats a lot of these high frequency words so reading these together is excellent practice!

Words added today -4

Total words added -16

Times core words practiced- 63

3 thoughts on “21 days of modelling… day 2

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. I absolutely agree! As a parent I was bombarded by all this ‘knowledge’ that teachers had about Dylan and how he would or would not learn; it was overwhelming. I only wish I realised sooner that this professional opinion was false and how best to help Dylan achieve,
      I’m glad I know this now.


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