21 days of modelling… day 1

21 days of modelling.

21 days of making a concerted effort to model communication using aac in a drive to promote Dylans use, fluidity and comfort with the system.

Now, working 2 jobs, it being the summer holidays and the general hubbub of life means there’s never the time to start something like this. But, I’m a stubborn  gal and if I think something’s going to be difficult I tend to do it anyway. I’m programmed that way. 😉

So why? Exposure. For babies to begin talking and picking up conversation and begin learning through speech they are immerse in an environment where people expose them to language CONSTANTLY. If Dylan is going to succeed with using aac then he needs to feel that using it isn’t different; everyone’s doing it. He needs to feel comfortable navagating it and it needs to have purpose, a means for being understood and conversing. Modelling ticks all those boxes and more.

So we started yesterday. And although I was out all day I used making dinner as an opportunity to locate words on the Ipad that we wouldn’t usually use or the Dylan wouldnt usually associate.

We were making lasagna. We used ‘onion‘,  developed that further to ‘chop onion‘. Then ‘chopping onion‘. Together we added  a ‘minced beef‘ icon and then an ‘ingredients‘ folder to include ‘flour‘ which Dylan initially mistook for icing sugar.  Not right but in an unmarked bag I would say that’s not a bad guess!

Dylan appeared to tire after the 2o mins or so it took to go through these basic lasagna ingredients but he kept focus throughout and I guess that’s the beauty of having a 21 day challenge instead of a 2 day challenge; Theres no rush.

Usually Dylan doesn’t care about cooking. He loves food being the end result but cooking isn’t instantaneous enough for him. But today Dylan stuck around with the little ones and smashed up the pasta sheets and threw them onto the layered meat and cheese sauce. It was lovely to have him comfortable and involved in the process even if it meant there were whacking great chewy bits of part cooked pasta in the finished product! 🙂

All in all a good day!

Total words added -12

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