Following this week’s aac advice we have changed the set up of Dylans IPad. 

From this..To this….

Although the second screen looks busier and more complex this change actually makes the art of sentence building easier by having all relevant icons to hand or only a click or two away. This is turn will promote more conversation, descriptions and generally options for communicating compared to his original set up. 
Its been scary stuff trialling it but we are finding the more that the rest of the family model talking with the icons the quicker we are getting using it and then less anxious Dylan appears with it. 

So far so good!

One thought on “Progress

  1. Yay. My Dynavox AAC has some different pages because sometimes I like all the words and sometimes it’s to many. Do he has topics? It’s like a page of words for something. Like on my breakfast topic there is button to say I want that and button for I’m not hungry and button for good morning and button for how did you sleep. It can be more fast than look for every letter or even word because all the words are in the button so only just one touch or click.


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